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Book Beat Babes

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Affirmation For A New Start! by DL Larson

Here we are at Book Beat Babes, our new blog site. New beginnings bring forth new affirmations and I want to take this opportunity to reaffirm my commitment as a writer and as a contributor to this new blog site. To affirm is to declare one is equal to a challenge and to accept the challenge. It also means to grow in that challenge. So I plan to spread my wings and flourish as a writer. I have chosen this path, accepted the knowledge that work awaits me and I can not, will not, give up along the way. I will continue in this new direction with dedication and a lot of gutsy determination. Will I fail? Of course. But I will also endeavor to persevere!

 To help me stay on the path, I've started a list to follow and add to. (Feel free to share your ideas with me!) - I need to write everyday! - I will keep my dream alive! - My dream is to write the best story I can imagine. - I will not run from failure. - I will not fear success. - Final choices will always be mine to make. - I will explore new marketing strategies. - I will write what I want to write. - I will share my knowledge with others. - I will not let rejections stop me. - I will keep my dream alive!!!!!!

 My Affirmation as a writer, to YOU, the reader: I am a writer. I take random words and meld them into stories that move your heart and mind. I connect with your emotions, your imagination, your fears and dreams. I can make you laugh, I can make you cry. I can make you stay up past your bedtime! I can take you into the future or slip into the past. You will go where I take you, for I am the writer and I pray, if I have done my job, you will always enjoy the ride.

 Til next time ~ DL Larson 

PS: perhaps you have an affirmation of your own ~ feel free to re-dedicate it with us today!


  1. Wow DL...I think I'm going to print out your affirmation and tack it up on my board. I'm in need of encouragement these days. Thanks for sharing.

    And I'm so glad to be along on the journey with you here at BBB!

  2. It is exciting ~ isn't it! I had no idea what I would write today and it just came to me ~ thank you GOD. I call that divine intervention. Thanks for stopping by.
    PS: I don't know why everything smushed together in one paragraph - always something!! :)

    1. I was able to fix that paragraph thing, Blogger does like to play tricks on different people at different times. (g)

  3. Deb, it takes dedication and perseverance to be a writer, that's for sure!

    Morgan Mandel