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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Keeping up with all of the non-writing parts of writing can be a daunting task.

One strategy I highly recommend is the use of Yahoo! and Google alerts. In each, you can program certain words and phrases and you'll get a message sent to your e-mail if one comes across the Internet. This is a great way to ferret out reviews of your books and mentions you might garner on blogs, etc.

I started with Google and programmed in my author name and all of my book titles. Whenever I have a new title, I do an update and add it to the list. I also get Yahoo! alerts. A recent one pointed me in the direction of a fun surprise when my new release, This Feels Like Home, got a mention on-line at USA Today. Without the alert, I never would have known.

You can also customize the alerts to limit how often they are sent. I always have mine set for 'as they happen', but if you don't want every alert sent individually to your in-box, you can have compiled lists sent once a day or set your own parameters. Another way to personalize is to decide what kind of match will trigger an alert. I always do a send everything type thing, but this too can be narrowed down to 'only the best', etc.

Every so often, I'll get an alert that doesn't apply to me. This happens with This Can't Be Love and A Christmas to Remember more often than with my other titles, just because of their wide-spread use. And once in a while I get an alert about a celebrity's wedding that was triggered by Wild Wedding Weekend. But those are easy to ignore, and the 'real' hits far out-weigh the ones that don't apply.

So if you're not using some kind of alert for yourself and your titles, I suggest setting something up soon. It's a great way to keep track of yourself out there in the big wide world of the Internet.

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