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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why a Series is so Fun

Yesterday a long-anticipated box arrived in the mail. Print copies of my latest book: This Feels Like Home. It's been several years since I've had print copies of a book. My last three releases have been in e-format only. Home is the third in my Corral series which began with my debut novel from The Wild Rose Press, This Time for Always. Way back when I first wrote Always, I intended for the secondary characters to have stories of their own. The story centers around Sharlie and her road to happily ever after. A big part of Sharlie's life were her friends Zach and Jake, who one day would have stories of their own. Zach found his true love in This Can't Be Love, and now finally Jake's story is on the shelves and making its way into readers' hands. To say this is a dream come true is one huge giant understatement.

The books have done well. Always was a Champagne Rose bestseller at TWRP and Reader's Pick of the Month at Jennette Green's BlogSpot, and Love was Love Romance Cafe's Best of 2010 Contemporary winner. And it's so far so good for Home as well. It's been out on Kindle for several months now and just this past week had its freebie days there. It wound up in the number one spot on two western lists and make it into the 40s for overall 'sales'. It has also garnered four five star reader reviews.

The really great thing about a series is as an author, I don't have to let my characters go. After Sharlie and Logan got their happily ever after, I was able to share a bit more of their story in the next book. And when Zach and Jessica found their happy ending, I was able to give readers a peek into their future in the third book. Now I wonder if having written Jake and Amber's story, does it end there? The idea was always to have three books in the series.

But I'm not sure if I'm ready for it to end. I have a few ideas for some spin-off stories (novellas, not full-length) set at The Corral. I need to pick my editor's brain about one of them. So we'll see where that takes me.

And a series is a great way to keep those readers coming back for more. If they pick up one of the books and enjoy it, it's highly likely they'll pick up the others in the series as well, and will look forward to future installments. Amazon has the other titles cross referenced as part of the series, which is great. Soon the three books will be offered as a boxed set/single author anthology through TWRP: that's pretty cool!

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  1. Yes, I can see how it's hard to say goodbye to your characters. You know them so well they seem like real people! Congratulations on This Feels Like Home coming out in print!

  2. They definitely do seem like real people to me!

  3. Wonderful news, Deb!! I love series. Guess that's why I write them too. Good luck with your new release.