Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Friday, December 6, 2013

Technically Speaking - Gadgets

Okay - you hear all the advertisements about the latest and greatest gadget, the one that is going to do everything you want and it will be the only gadget you will ever need.


Finding one tech gadget that does everything you want it to do is near impossible.  You think I'm wrong?  Well, just count the many gadgets that you, as a writer, have in your life.

My collection of tech gadgets includes a desktop computer, a NetBook, a Blackberry (stop laughing - RIM, the backbone of the Blackberry is still the most secure email system out there), and a Amazon Kindle (the earlier model - it still works and it ain't broke so I ain't fixing it!).

So here's how it plays out - I commute by rail to work so in the morning I fire up my NetBook and write. I use my Blackberry to search the internet when I need some background information.  In the afternoon on the way home, I often fire up my Kindle and read, mostly research for my work in progress.  The Kindle is a very handy device for reading not only books by anything in Adobe format.  Oh, I almost forgot- I also have an iPod for my music which I listen to while I research and/or write.  I just couldn't make the leap to an iPhone but I truly love my iPod.

I know it sounds complicated but it works for me.  I like having several devices available at once so I can multi-task on multiple devices.

So, what works for you?  Do you have one device that fits all your needs?  Or, are you like me and have multiple devices that you use simultaneously?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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