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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Success! The Joy of Accomplishing a Goal

Back in November I set a goal to polish up a mss that's been sitting collecting figurative dust, add to the word count to bring it up to full-length to qualify for print, and send off a query to my editor when TWRP reopens after their winter break tomorrow.

Yesterday, I am pleased to say, I accomplished my goal!

The word count is now at 65,100ish, which qualifies it for a print release at TWRP.

I've been polishing and editing all week. Yesterday I finished with the formatting edits.

And, I sent the query off to my editor so she'd have it 'on her desk' first thing Monday morning.

And here's the thing I really love about working with a small press...By this morning I already had a response from her and a request for the full. I sent it off to her before sitting down to write this.

So I'd say goal accomplished and then some. Yay!

Here's the elevator pitch for the story, which is entitled "Family Secrets":

A young play-by-the-rules widow falls for her commitment shy ex brother-in-law and discovers breaking those rules can be exhilarating, until getting caught threatens to cost her the only family she's ever known.

And I just found out that I have one more day off tomorrow because of the snow and cold, so since I'm in a writing mode, I might just be able to make some progress on "One Great Night", my WIP.

Now that's what I call a great start to the year!

Until next time,

Happy 2014 and Happy Reading!



  1. You are amazing, Deb, getting so much done and working full time as well!
    They say if you want something done to give it to a busy person!
    Now we'll have another book of yours to look forward to!
    Happy cold day, today! I have the heat turned up, the washer and dryer going so the pipes don't freeze, plus another electric heater where I'm writing! I don't plan on going anywhere today!

    Morgan Mandel

    Morgan Mandel

  2. We're cozied in for the day, too.

    As a general rule, I do tend to get more done the busier I am, but in this case it was two weeks off for Christmas break that allowed me to finish my project.

  3. Great news, Deb!!! It's wonderful how some things come together! Stay warm!