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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Back it Up

I had a dream last night that reminded me of the importance of backing up things you're working on.

In the dream, I was working on a mss...which was the first clue that I was actually dreaming because I haven't had time to work on anything new in ages...and wound up being 'locked out' of my document and not being able to access it. Even my thumb drive wouldn't work.

Now luckily this was just a dream, because if I'd made that much progress (or any progress) in real life and lost it, I'd be tearing my hair out right now.

So, just a reminder to save often as you work and to create back ups of your files.

Since I tend to migrate as I work, moving from my lap top to my CPU, as a rule I always start with my thumb drive on whatever device I'm working on. As I work, I hit save often, which saves the current document to the removable drive. When I'm done with a session, I save a copy to the hard drive of the lap top or computer. This ensures that at any given time, I have three copies of a WIP in case a computer crashes or the external drive isn't working or gets lost. However, it's important to always start with the thumb drive when getting to work again, or I'll wind up with three different versions of a mss, and that's just a mess.

So, like voting in Chicago, back up early and often!

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  1. The danger is saving the wrong copy! My method lately is saving on my desktop as I go along, then when I'm through for the day, I email a copy to my other email account. I also subscribe to Carbonite, which backs up my computer daily. When I changed desktop computers, Carbonite came in handy, because it transferred my files over to the new one. The down side is I had so many it took about a week to get it done.

  2. I also have a external hard drive, which came in handy for me when I had to get a new computer.

  3. Some people take backing up their documents for granted. They think that their computers are fine and far from suddenly shutting down. But the truth is, a computer crash happens when you least expect it. So it’s best to do it every other month, or even weekly if possible, to make sure your important documents are safe. Thanks for sharing!

    Kurt Cantin @ Tab Data Systems