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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, February 16, 2014

First Round of Edits

Editing a manuscript is always an interesting process. Before I submit to my editor, I do several rounds of edits, each time looking for something specific and different than the previous round. Now that the mss has been contracted, rounds of edits from my editor have started arriving. Currently we are on round one. The process is similar, in that after she's done a careful read-through, she makes comments on particular areas that need work. For this first round, we're focusing on three major areas.

There is a lot of repetition in my heroine's thoughts as to her internal conflict. My editor has deleted some phrasing, but marked others so I can make the necessary changes.

My story features four-year-old twin girls. I was going for authentic with their language, but policy and recommendation from the senior editor of my line is to use normal language. So another task is to go through and change all of the 'baby talk'.

The final biggie for this first round is the ending. The contract for this particular book was given with the caveat the ending would be about half a chapter sooner than I had written. Therefore, since there is a lot that will be eliminated, I need to find a way to wrap up the story and find a satisfying ending.

Yesterday I got through about seventy pages, so I'm making progress. Today after running some errands I plan to sit down with my laptop and tackle at least that many more pages. Wish me luck!

After this round of edits is complete and returned, another round will come back. This new round will be somewhat of an agree-to-disagree coming together in some cases, but will also more than likely contain a couple more specific things to focus on. Eventually we'll get to the nit-picking looking for errors/copy edit stage. Breaking down edits into manageable pieces and similar themes makes the process so much easier.

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  1. Your systematic approach seems to work well for you! I wish I could close out my current book earlier, but I always have too little words, not too many! Anyway, back to the WIP very soon!

  2. Usually I need to up the word count, too. In this case, we'd already decided to pare down the story, so it's easier to make decisions about cutting things at this point.

  3. No matter the way, edits after a while become extremely laborious.