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Book Beat Babes

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Writing Process by Margot Justes

I can’t say I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve always been a reader.  The need for a challenge allowed me to become a writer. When faced with mundane tasks, I’d hear voices in my head, and they were becoming more frequent when at work. My characters would hold some lively conversations, until one day I said enough, you’ll be heard.

It was that easy, at least that is what I thought. I was wrong. Musings are lovely, but to make coherent observations, learn whose point of view (POV) you’re in, and all the other lovely writing essentials are hard to come by-osmosis notwithstanding.

It’s a continuous learning experience, one that keeps me challenged, that was after all what the process was all about. The challenge of putting a coherent product out, keep the voices in your head happy, and  get better with every word, while at the same time make it  fun. Writing for me has to be joyful, it cannot be a drudge, because then it becomes laborious in the worst sense possible.

I don’t plot out my stories, I have an idea and go with it. The most fun I have is when characters interact with each other, and take me on their journey. More often than not they surprise me. I started out with a full-fledged mystery and wound up with a romantic mystery. It keeps the process fresh and enjoyable, except when the evil writing block hits, and the voices are silenced. So far they have always returned.

I didn’t want my writing to become homework, an obligation. I wanted to have fun with it and learn by reading others, doing research, which I love doing anyway, and just seeing where it would lead.

The best advice I can offer, is write what you know and what makes you happy. The same can be said for the process itself,  you can plot or not-the choice should always be yours.

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  1. One reason I write in more than one genre is because I write what I like. Sometimes my mood is light, others not. I'm another person who has no set plot, just a general idea. Part of the fun of writing is discovering what will happen next.

  2. I'm pretty much the same when it comes to major plotting. I just take an idea and run with it. But recently I've been known to jot notes that look suspiciously like an outline...gasp!

  3. Ladies, it's great to know I'm not alone.