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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Conference Recap in Ten

This past Friday and Saturday I attended Spring Fling 2014, an every-other-year conference hosted by my local RWA chapter, Chicago-North. As usual, the conference was fabulous: well organized, great headliners and workshops, and lots of opportunities to hang with fellow authors. Kudos to the committee for their tireless efforts to bring this one to life. It was certainly a job well-done.

Here, in no particular order, are ten things I took away from the conference. (The good, the bad, the meh, and the snarky.)

Free books rock!

Writers as a whole are an 'interesting' bunch.

It's so nice to touch base with people you haven't seen in ages.

So many great sectionals, so little time.

Freezing cold rooms eliminate the need to deal with hot flashes for two entire days.

A book signing is depressing and discouraging when you don't sell any books.

Working as a time keeper for pitch appointments is a lot less stressful than giving the pitch.

Librarians see authors like little kids see super heroes. There's a lot of wide-eyed wonder and giddiness involved.

Conference swag is great, but now much do you really keep afterwards? And just because you keep a pen, or pad of sticky notes, or a tattoo, does it really translate into a sale?

Some authors are great speakers/presenters. Some aren't.

All in all, the conference was a great way to get back in touch with my writerly side, and I'm looking forward to what 2016 will bring.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. I love e-reading but I have a ton of paper books to read yet. I admit being a bookmark junkie, I probably have enough for almost every book in the bookcase. ha!

  2. Wise comments concerning conferences, Deb! I love networking with other authors I haven't seen in ages, and am guilty of saving stuff from conferences for years past when I really need any of it.

  3. Great thoughts on the conference, Deb. I too, wonder why some authors make great speakers while others flounder. And pitches suck - but I put on my big girl smile and went for it. I'll have to say the gal I spoke to was not all that friendly - which surprised me. I've only encountered one other unfriendly agent in all my years of pitching - that was at a Historical Novel Conference in Salt Lake City. I had hoped to never have to repeat that. Still, glad I pitched! And she did ask for a query - but then they usually do!! :)

  4. Great blog, and wonderful insight. I've often wondered about all the swag...I'll stick to bookmarks and business cards. I'm there at the next Spring Fling.