Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just Right

On my recent vacation to Wisconsin, I went through all the seasons weather-wise. Cold, Better, Just Right, Too Got. I liked the Just Right days the best, when the sun was shining, the wind wasn't blowing hard, and the air smelled clean and clear.

It's hard to get anything just right, and that includes writing. In between spending quality time with the DH, my dog, and my good friend, I did spend some time on my work in progress,  A Perfect Angel. I'm happy to say the book is coming along nicely.

However, as of yet, it's not Just Right. When I think it's right, it'll go to my great editor, Helen Ginger, to also check it over. When it's Just Right, it'll be released. I'd thought the process would be faster, but a quality book is worth the wait.

Morgan with Rascal at Culver's
on the way home from vacation.

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