Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Friday, May 2, 2014

Libraries and eBooks

I’m a big fan of checking out eBooks from my local library and reading them on my Kindle but something is posted at my library's website that took me by surprise.  Here it is:

“Publisher Restrictions, or Why Don't You Have the eBook I Want?
Wondering why we don't have certain popular authors or titles? Getting eBooks to library users is getting more difficult. Many publishers will not sell their eBooks to libraries. Random House recently tripled its eBook prices for libraries, Penguin requires Kindle users to transfer eBooks via USB, and Penguin has stopped selling new eBooks to libraries. For more information and what you can do to change this, see eBooks for Libraries and The Big 6 from the Kansas State Library.”

The eBooks for Libraries link is:

The link for The Big 6 is:

Basically the libraries are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to obtaining eBooks from the largest of the traditional publishers as you’ll see from the links above.

So, just what the heck is going on?

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  1. Apparently, the traditional publishers are thinking dollar signs and don't want to share their profit. They'd prefer readers who are interested in certain ebooks to buy them instead of getting them from the library.