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Book Beat Babes

Friday, May 23, 2014

Smashwords and OverDrive Make a Deal

Smashwords and OverDrive have made a distribution deal that might just be the answer to a self-published author’s prayers. The deal basically makes more than 200,000 titles available through OverDrive which is used by libraries throughout the country to loan e-books to their patrons. 

I mentioned in a recent post that the major publishers were making it very expensive for libraries to purchase many of the bestselling titles from their publishing houses.  Libraries, like many other on-a-tight-budget organizations, need to be careful about how they spend their scarce dollars so this deal just might be a win-win for both the libraries and self-published authors.

                An interesting aspect of this deal is that if a library patron wants to check out the book and it is not available to borrow at that time, then the patron can actually purchase the book through OverDrive’s “buy it now” feature.

                It is going to be very interesting to see how this unfolds over the next year or so.  It’s quite possible that this can help drive sales for self-published authors.  I certainly hope so.

                Here’s the link to the Publishers Weekly article:


  1. I haven't sold much through Smashwords, so I wonder if my sales might pick up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm very curious to hear what your experience is with this. I haven't sold anything through Smashwords yet but this deal makes it very tempting.

  3. If it works well, I may take some of my titles from Amazon's exclusive program and put them back on Smashwords.