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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spring is Blossoming

With the long winter behind us and the unofficial start to summer here this Memorial Weekend, Spring at least is really making her presence known. Although it's a bit later than usual, my lilacs and bleeding hearts are in full bloom and my perennial garden is already looking lush and full. The annuals are a riot of color, and even the tomato plants and herbs are looking strong and healthy. After the long, cold, snowy winter...these vibrant hues and swaying greens are truly a sight for sore eyes.

I find that as summer vacation inches closer and closer, writing ideas are also blossoming. I tend to get most of my writing done in the summer, as I have the time to actually sit and do it. And it's almost like my muse is aware that the time in nearing, because she's poking and prodding me these days. I find bits and pieces of stories and scenes playing through my head as I go about my daily routine. (Don't you love it when that happens?)

Soon I'll be able to sit down at my computer or take my lap top out by the pond or out onto the front porch and do something with those ideas and scenes. Now in my head, as I imagine it, the ideas flow easily from my head to my fingertips on the keys and onto the screen in front of me and soon I have pages and pages of fabulous prose as my word count steadily increases.

As I well know, however, it's definitely not as easy as it sounds, and I'm sure despite my muse tickling and nudging, I'll have many times of staring at that blinking curser on a blank page. Such is the life of a writer. Even a part-time one like me.

But knowing I have the time ahead to at least attempt to get some writing done makes me happy. And being able to get that writing done while surrounded by the beauty of my gardens and a warm summer day wrapped around me...well, that's just cause for Happy Dancing.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!


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  1. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, and that's when I get most inspired!