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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, May 4, 2014

To Cut or Not to Cut...

With yesterday's beautiful (FINALLY!) weather, we got outside to do some spruce up in the yard. My hubby cleaned and got the pond running...a truly awful job let me tell you. We got the bistro set out and put benches and decs (birdfeeders, planters, statues, hooks, flags, etc.) in their proper places. And we trimmed some trees and bushes.

Along the way we realized that the extremely long and cold Midwest winter had done a number on several of our things. Overall, things are popping up and blossoming much slower than they usually do. One tree in the center of our yard, a fairly young one, looks like it might be on its way out. About half of the branches are bare of blossoms and looking quite dead. Most likely this tree will need to be taken down. Luckily there's another tree close by, so we won't lose too much in the way of aesthetics and/or shade. The wild rose bush on the corner of our patio isn't looking too good either. I can see new growth popping up in the middle, but most of the branches are grey and dead looking and appear to be strangling the baby shoots. This one we'll probably cut off at the bottom and wait to see if something grows again. A spiraea bush next to the patio doesn't seem to be coming back at all. Other similar bushes have gotten buds and even leaves, but this one is bare and brittle looking. This one we'll cut down and dig out, which will make way for some new landscaping plans we have.

I am bummed to lose so many things, but in the long run, it will make our yard healthier and more pleasing to the eye. Eventually we'll be so used to the new look, the old will fade into a memory.

Writing is like that sometimes too. No matter how much we love certain parts of our stories, sometimes they need to be pruned down or taken out completely. Sometimes we add something new. Sometimes that 'open space' is just what was needed to tighten up the pace or flow. And in the end, the final product will shine. Readers won't know things are 'missing', but will simply enjoy the story as it unfolds in its final format.

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  1. Almost all the evergreen bushes by our house have gold or brown on the edges, and we hope they'll recover. It looks like the neighbors also have the same problem. It was a harsh winter.

  2. We're in the same situation, I hate cutting anything down.
    You're right about pruning the story. I save the deleted parts, just in case I can use them in another story, or put them back in the original one.

  3. We lost an evergreen too, but a smaller one.

    Margot...I've done that, too. Taken something out of one story and used it in another. :)

  4. Our evergreens are 'rusty' looking - but seem okay otherwise. My ash tree in front is always slow in unfolding its leaves, but there is still no buds on it and I'm worried. It's a great tree, don't want to lose it.
    Pruning is a delicate operation and makes our yards and our writing better!