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Book Beat Babes

Friday, June 20, 2014


So, I was poking around at and clicked on the Self Publishing tab and I received a notification that PW Select is now part of BookLife.

Interesting, hey?

You may – or may not – recall that PW Select started as Publishers Weekly’s marketing program for self-published authors and an opportunity for “indie authors to submit their books for a PW Review consideration FOR FREE!” 

Please forgive the cynic in me but I’ve always considered FREE to be a four-letter word in all possible ways, but to be fair the offer is clear that it’s the consideration that is free.

Well, bump over to BookLife and you’ll see that – at least at first glance - that it’s another site to offer services to indie authors.  I’m beginning to think that the business to be in might be the offering-services business and not writing or self-publishing because it seems like another one of these businesses (offering services to self-published authors) is opening if not weekly then monthly.

Now, my cynicism aside, if Publishers Weekly can’t offer it in a way that matters I’d be very disappointed.  The site – which is currently in Beta mode – does offer some interesting help and support for indie authors but do keep in mind that their business model appears to be selling services to those indie authors, and hey, why not?

Any indie author out there will have to admit at some point that writing the book is only half – or less – of the battle.  Cover design, editorial support, marketing, etc. are all incredibly important.  Then there’s the issue of being discovered by readers.  The real question for indie authors is how much of this type of non-writing work do they want to do, and more importantly, how much time do they actually have to do it.  You can’t sell a book that isn’t written to readers – well, not really.  We could break for a philosophical discussion here but I think you get the drift of what I’m saying.

So, the BookLife site does add an interesting opportunity for indie authors, but it’s a lot more difficult to sort through those opportunities as more and more players join the growing field of self-publishing services.  I’m still adjusting from the drama of paper or plastic at the grocery store!

Ah, such is the life of the indie author!


  1. Terri,
    A wonderful blog-so much 'help' for the indie author.
    I still think twice about plastic or paper too.

  2. More and more places are getting into the indie game. By the way, we get plastic and tell them to put it in a paper bag as well. We need plastic for walking the dog and paper to put our recycling in.