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Book Beat Babes

Friday, July 25, 2014

Finding an Audience as an Indy Author

There’s a very interesting post on PW at the following link about finding an audience as an Indy Author:

Now, in this case the discussion is by a YA author but the struggle for an indie author to find an audience and building a fan base has many similarities regardless the genre.

There are certainly unique struggles with regards to the different genres in how readers are approached, but just getting a reader to notice you as an author is still a hurdle even with all the social media and online options that exist.  In fact, there are sooooo many social media and online site options these days it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in all the noise of all these options.

My main focus right now is to finish writing the novella and two novels I am currently working on so that when I do reach out to find readers I have more than just one published novel to offer them. 

Balancing a busy life with finishing a story – whether novella or novel – and setting up an online presence to attract readers is sometimes so overwhelming that it’s easy to just lose myself in my writing and put all the other “chores” of the business side of writing off until another day.


  1. I agree, Terri! The process is overwhelming and feels too much sometimes. I still want to write the best book I can - good luck finishing yours!

  2. Just getting through the emails and deciding which are important is a challenge that takes up too much time!