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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Failed Experiment

I don't often get the itch to bake, unless it's Christmas time, but I found a recipe for oatmeal-cranberry-white chocolate cookies I wanted to try out. Yesterday I finally had the chance. I got all of my supplies out, donned my apron, pre-heated the oven, and mixed up the dough. After twelve minutes in the oven, I eagerly took out the first batch, then let them cool a bit before sampling the first bite.

They were not good. Talk about a disappointment. I had my hubby try one, warning him I wasn't impressed but wanted his opinion. Nope, he didn't like them either. I had some dough left, and wondered if I should bother making any more. We decided to try making bars instead. Because changing the shape of the things would change the taste. Right. These didn't bake quite the same and wound up needing to be returned to the oven for a few additional minutes.

I gave the cookies up for a lost cause. Should I toss seemed like such a waste...or deal with it and eat them?

Later in the day, my hubby came in and said he'd been thinking about how the cookies/bars weren't so great as cookies, but would make a great mid-morning granola-type snack. He said I shouldn't throw them away. He would definitely take a couple for a between breakfast and lunch snack each day. Repurposing the results made me look at them in a whole different way.

It got me to thinking, writing is sometimes like this too. We come up with a great idea...and it just doesn't turn out the way we hoped. Sometimes we have to scrap the whole thing. Other times we can use the idea in a new way. Perhaps in a different story altogether or in a way we hadn't envisioned for the same story. It's all about looking at it from a new perspective.

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  1. Great point, Debra. I'm not always successful repurposing food--my family is known for being picky--but it's a useful trait to remember when writing!

    1. The more we eat the oatmeal bars the more we are liking them. I guess it's an acquired taste!

  2. I haven't had an urge to bake for a long time! However, I do like to save stuff from books that don't quite fit right, in case I can use them later. That worked out well with Forever Young: Blessing or Curse, when the original cast had too many characters. After I whittled them down, I threw the rest of the characters into a collection called Blessing or Curse, a sequel to the original book.