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Book Beat Babes

Thursday, September 4, 2014

End of Summer, But Not the End of Family Fun! by DL Larson

This motley crew posed long enough for a picture and then they scattered for the 'shot gun' start of our golf tournament in honor of my dad's 90th birthday!  We've been celebrating all year; I might have mentioned this a time or two on this blog.

I'm in the front row, in blue, with my mouth hanging open as usual ... no comments please! The two on the end chattering to each other are my daughters, who have spent a life-time of not paying attention because they are too busy in their own little world! As you can see, this picture captured them in their usual pose - goofing off!

The gal to my left, the one who looks as if she just remembered she has a previous engagement, is my wonderful sister, Pat! The other gal in blue, who seems to have just heard a naughty joke, is my niece and also has trouble staying focused, especially when my daughters are around.

The men in the back obviously didn't think this picture was necessary. They were more interested in teeing off on time - 10:00 a.m. sharp!

This picture is full of loving family members, my dad's golfing buddies and all round good people who wanted to share the day with my dad. Some of these folks came only to ride around on golf carts and harass the players. I like their attitude!

Where's my 90 year old dad, you ask? Why he's the guy in the second row, white shirt and blue hat! His golf buddies are in their sixties and seventies! He says he tires out sometimes and can't finish the last 9 holes.  His buddies laugh and shake their heads, saying they are not falling for that long tale today!

We had 28 golfers and 38 for lunch. Most went back out for another 9 holes after eating. My dad led the way. We handed out silly prizes for longest drive, best putt, and played 'best ball' in teams of four. These are all terms I don't really understand. The losing team and winning team were recognized with other prizes. Beer had to be purchased at the club house and the screen door constantly banged open and closed as the day progressed. After handing out the awards, someone broke out in "happy birthday to you." My dad waved his hat and walked away while the crowd continued to sing. I think this year of celebrating has been a wake-up call to him to realize how much he is loved!

As a writer, I don't know what I will take away from this day, other than fond memories and warm feelings I can use in future writings. And characters! I could write a book about the characters, young and old, in that picture.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


  1. Deb, what a wonderful tribute to your dad and the entire family. Thanks for pointing out the family members. I really enjoyed reading this.

  2. A wonderful example of family togetherness.

  3. Thank you F.D. and Morgan - your kind words mean so much!