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Friday, September 19, 2014

Finding Readers - The Saga Continues

An article in USAToday this past week declared that Research finds Millennials read more than their elders.  Here’s the link to the article:

Yeah!  That is music to any author’s ears!

But, wait – just what are they reading and how do you find out?  More importantly, how do you find those readers?

Well, like the many flavors of a well-known ice cream vendor, there are many ways to do so and some are more difficult and expensive than others.

The article referenced above links to the PewResearch article that it is based on and here is that link:

The PewResearch article has many more details so it’s worth a look.  It provides wealth of information concerning library engagement with readers of many ages as well as format choices by age group.  However, if you are writing paranormal romances and want to know how to find readers in a more targeted manner then you need to go beyond these survey results.

One source is The Romance Writers of America, or  You don’t have to be a member to review the statistics resulting from a report they provide based on an analysis of the Nielsen Romance Buyer Survey.  The Reader statistics are most interesting and for the paranormal romance author the results of interest are that as of 2014:

            - 19% of romance readers choose paranormal romance in print format
            - 30% read paranormal romance in e-book format
            - 84% of romance readers overall are women
            - 39% of romance books purchased overall are e-Books

There are many other statistical breakdowns at the RWA site to include where and how readers purchase books so take a look at the results.  Based on all the information from the Nielsen Romance Buyer Survey it seems that an author of paranormal romances would benefit from online and social media marketing, but then I don't think this is particularly surprising.

Ah…so many things to consider when trying to find readers.  More next time on additional resources for understanding and finding readers.

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