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Book Beat Babes

Friday, September 26, 2014

More on Finding Readers

The question of where to spend money and time as a writer in pursuit of finding and keeping readers goes on.  I’ve joined many organizations over the years, attended lots of writer’s conferences, given speeches and more, but it seems that a writer can work really, really hard and have little to show for it.  Maybe that’s why so many people give up on their pursuit of becoming a published author.  The publishing part is easier than ever before.  The finding readers and making money part is harder than ever before.  Go figure.

There are a number of solid organizations that can help with the pursuit of finding readers but they may not be affordable for most authors, especially those just starting out or just starting to build a following.  One of those organizations is the American Booksellers Association which has a strong reputation and following in the bookselling world.  You can sign up for a free newsletter but to become a member you will have to pay.  Here’s the link to their website where you can find the dues structure:

I do think networking is important which is why conferences for writers and/or fans can be quite beneficial.  Organizations such as Romance Writers of America, as mentioned last week, are also helpful and supportive when it comes to networking but, again, it requires a financial as well as time investment.  Social media sites and services can help a writer’s book or career take off but again, there is an investment and with regards to social media, the biggest investment seems to be time.  I think Jane Friedman discussed this very eloquently on her Blog at the link below:

She highlights the site Goodreads which has continued to gain momentum and stature since she wrote the blog entry sited above.

And then there are hashtags!

If you’re using social media then hashtags are an important part of your arsenal.  To see just some of the hashtags writers commonly use check out the link below:

There’s even a hashtag organization:

And you thought that all you had to do was write!

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