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Book Beat Babes

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Annapolis by Margot Justes

I promised myself a little excursion once a week-there's so much to see in this part of the country.

Wednesday I went to Annapolis, Maryland. I should have done my homework first, the place was packed, parking was non-existent all because it was prep time for the largest boat show in the world.

The central waterfront area was blocked by tents and people rushing about to set up because Thursday was the first day of the show. I walked along some of the narrow red brick streets that sent me back in time. I have to go back to visit the Maritime Museum, the waterfront and the rest of Annapolis at my leisure.

All was not lost, I did manage to see Main Street, filled with souvenir shops, art galleries, restaurants, everything you ever wanted for a boat, along with unusual gifts. I bought a bookmark scrimshaw made from recycled piano keys.

I managed to take a little boat tour and have lunch in a delightful little place that served a delicious crab cake sandwich. I was told that during December all the stores are open until midnight and there are parties all a


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