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Book Beat Babes

Friday, November 21, 2014

On the Library Front

Two announcements at Publishers Weekly of interest to Indie Authors:

- Simon & Schuster is opening its e-book lending program to all libraries and not just those who participated in its “Buy It Now” program.  Here’s the link to the article:

- BiblioBoard has announced a new program to offer bestselling independent and self-published e-books for lending through libraries.  Here’s the link:

Why are these important?  Well, I - and many others - have longed believed that librarians are a writer’s best friend.  Librarians work diligently to provide readers in their communities the best access to books and other media and in so doing have often been the reason that an author has been “discovered” and gone onto future successes.

I’m especially intrigued by the BiblioBoard announcement because according to the article above, “BiblioBoard is one of a handful of companies seeking to move away from the current “one copy, one user” digital lending model.”

Libraries have had some very challenging times of late, especially in the budget arena, so anything that makes it easier and more affordable to put reading material in the hands of their patrons is a big win for not only libraries and their readers but authors as well. 

Of course, nothing is ever easy and you may have noted above that even though BiblioBoard’s new program focuses on independent and self-published e-books their focus is further honed on the bestselling ones.  So, Indie authors still have hurdles to jump to get to the point where they are considered bestsellers.


Still some of those hurdles are becoming easier to scale.  Let’s hope that this positive momentum continues.

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  1. I'm still jumping the hurdles, but that's what happens when you're obsessed with writing!