Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Friday, December 5, 2014

In the News

Lots of interesting news and stories out there this past week to include:

-  E-book retailer Kobo teaming up with screen manufacturer E Ink Holdings to make the Kobo e-book catalog more widely available:

- J.K. Rowling to publish a new book based on a speech she presented at Harvard.  It must be nice to be at a point in your life as a writer/author that your speeches can be made into a book.

- An allegedly lost novel by Ayn Rand will be published in July 2015.  I guess death isn’t as certain for writers/authors as it is for others.

- The passing of P.D. James whose publishing career spanned 52 years.  WOW!

- Okay, this is for fun as much as food for thought – TNT has a new action-adventure series The Librarians and if you liked the films the series promises to be worth your attention.

- This is from August 2014 but still worth a look, especially for Indie authors:

So, lots of interesting stuff to ponder.


  1. Amazing how you find time to dig all this good stuff up! Thanks!

  2. I knew Courtney Milan was doing well, but had no idea that well!

  3. I love The Librarian - should be entertaining and fun!! Thanks for all the sites to explore.