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Book Beat Babes

Friday, January 9, 2015

Bestsellers & Other Lists

It’s the beginning of the New Year so that means looking back at the year that just passed and coming out with rankings of which books we loved, sold well, or made some important list.

Writers often dream of making the bestseller list, or any list for recognition, to include the list of books that are reviewed by Publishers Weekly (PW), something that until recently seemed like an unlikely prospect.  The Self-Published Stars of 2014 are receiving cover page attention from PW.

I don’t recall seeing any of the titles on this list before but some do look interesting.  Like most of the lists out there I often peruse them and wonder just how these books were placed on the list, especially since I often do not recognize many of the titles or even the authors.

So, I did a Google search on how to make the bestseller list and as with many things in life there are many possible answers.

At BookPromotionHub.Com there’s a wonderful article that dishes through several lists and their number requirements:

According to this article you need to sell 3000 books in the first week to hit The Wall Street Journal’s Bestseller list.

At Tess Gerritsen’s website she has a post from 2007 that discusses selling 5,000 books in a week, so clearly the numbers are all over the place and depend on which list is being talk about.

But what I found especially interesting in my attempt at discovering the real truth about bestseller lists is a Forbes magazine article from 2013 titled, Here’s How You Buy Your Way Onto The New York Times Bestsellers List.

When you read this article it won’t be the winter weather that gives you a chill.

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