Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Friday, February 13, 2015

Conferences and Other Networking Options for Writers

The past few years of my life and been very hectic and I’ve been overwhelmed with a number of non-writing events and activities, all of which have interfered with my writing and networking efforts with fellow/sister writers, many whom I consider friends.  There was a time when I attended at least two conferences and a dozen or so writing workshops/meetings a year but I had to put all of that on hold for those pesky non-writing events that were so overwhelming that I wasn’t certain if I would still be living in the same city or not.

Well, I recently reconnected with a number of writer, and non-writer friends at the Love Is Murder CON and it felt so good to talk about writing goals and more.  I expect to resume my networking efforts this year and I am so excited about just the prospect of doing so.  However, since I’ve been away from conferences and meetings for several years I was surprised at how many different venues have sprung up and how many have shutdown.

Then there’s the cost - and not just the conference fees!  There’s airfare, hotel, meals – more and more conferences are eliminating meals from their events so attendees have to fend for themselves.  But not Love Is Murder (LIM).  This particular CON wants everyone to be well-fed both physically as well as in their writing.  Go to for more information.

There are also local writing groups that sponsor retreats and workshops so I’m making a list and checking it twice to plan my year.  I’ve participated in online workshops as well and depending on the subject matter presented, these online events can be quite helpful, but not everything lends itself easily to the online format.

Then there is just the fun and excitement of getting together with other writers in person and giving yourself, and perhaps them, the nudge you might need to take your writing career to a new level.

Oh the upside to all those non-writing distractions – I have a plethora of topics and experiences to weave into several stories and I have been plotting away during every spare moment I can find.  It may take me a few years to pull everything together but I'm very excited about this new writing adventure and journey that I am taking.

Here’s to happy and fruitful networking and plotting!


  1. I attend my local RWA's conference which is held every other year. For me, it's a great way to catch up with fellow writers, since I don't regularly attend meetings anymore (those pesky life-intrusions). It's definitely inspiring to rub-elbows with all of those other authors.

    1. I couldn't attend the most recent Spring Fling but this is one of my favorite conferences to attend. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  2. Great reminder, Terri, for us to stay connected with other writers. I have the same problems of life nudging out my writing goals. It's always great to get back on track. Thanks for the reminder to do just that!! I'm looking forward to a WindyCity retreat in March!