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Book Beat Babes

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Trying A New Tactic! by DL Larson

I've been working on a query letter for my sci-fi romance. I love this book, yet I've procrastinated when it comes to pursuing publication. I don't know why either - it's a fun book, different, with gutsy heroines and alpha male aliens. What's not to love, right? So why I continue to be so slow in finding a publisher baffles me.

I've inquired on-line to many publishers, several who have called me directly, interested in seeing my work. When we hang-up, I think I'll send them a full manuscript to see what happens. Then I don't.

Have I developed some fear of success? I don't know!

Last December, I entered the first 25 pages  into a contest, and 2 out of the 3 judges enjoyed my entry and offered a few suggestions. I've already finished those revisions and like my book even more than I did before. I've written three other books in my Wolf Warrior Series. So when I say, I like this book ... I really mean I LIKE THIS BOOK. So why I can't take the next logical step to pursue publication, is illogical!

Somewhere through the days and months I've developed a strange affection, maybe an affliction or aversion that I can't shake. So in order to break through this obstacle, I've decided to share bits of my query letter with you. Let me know if I've merely confused you or if you would be interested in reading my book if you were an agent or editor.

Anyway ~ here goes ...
 ... my sci-fi contemporary, The Warrior Priest, is a two-part story with approximately 125,000 words in final draft. Below are a few one-liners that best describe Part One:

  • Newbie investigator discovers an eccentric, military alien who is bodyguard to his world's prince.
  • Newbie investigator learns the alien's dog is the prince as well as a werewolf.
  • Newbie investigator doesn't believe the werewolf is a good guy who fights evil. 
  • Newbie investigator sees first hand the evil the alien and werewolf fight and destroy.
  • Newbie investigator discovers her alien hunk, needs love, too.
  • Newbie investigator realizes she can't have the hunk without the werewolf.
  • Newbie investigator admits she will never understand the alpha male.
  • None the less, newbie investigator wants alpha male. She'll deal with the werewolf later.
  Tracy Collier, newbie reporter, falls in love with Wade Axelman, an alien soldier and priest in Part One. Then in Part Two, The Werewolf Prince, their two-world romance is nearly destroyed when Wade is severely wounded and his werewolf prince, Ralph the Blessed, ponders the task of killing him to keep evil at bay, which does nothing to enhance Tracy's friendship toward him.
  Ralph must first unravel the mystery of who stole Wade and Tracy's newborn baby. He does and reveals the culprit to be a half-wolf thief with unnatural talents, basically disappearing at will, a gift the good Lordy bestowed upon her.
  Ralph believes the young thief to be in league with their worst enemy and her unintentional trap brings Ralph to death's door. She doesn't leave him to die, but whisks him to the footpaths of Heaven where she asks the good Lordy for his life back. ...

To say this is a brief synopsis is an understatement, but publishers want the basic flow of the story, not an indepth report of minor details that make a great book. And I will include my short synopsis along with my query and first chapter.

Another bit I keep noticing is publishers/agents want to feel the flavor of the book in a query. I find this difficult to accomplish in a few short lines when I've built this alien world. That may be why I'm struggling with this query. My historicals were simpler to explain and my characters not so odd.

So, my confession is complete - I'm stalled and have turned to you for inspiration.

Talk to me ~ I've got my big girl panties on ~ I can take any comments ~ good or bad ~ I just need some feedback!

Til next time ~



  1. 125,000, wow that's a lot of words! I'm glad if I can eke out 20-25,000 for novellas these days.

  2. For a query letter, you almost seem to have too much information. Maybe pare down some of the 'newbie investigator...' lines into something more like an elevator pitch: one or two sentences. Then, let the synopsis and first chapter speak in greater depth about the story.

    All in all, I'm intrigued and would want to read more!

  3. Thanks! I'll take your advice! I mostly wanted to show the 2 part story without using the same technique - so I thought of one liners.