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Book Beat Babes

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How Do You Like Your Romance?

It's easy for readers to get confused by the variety of romance books available.

Here are some broad categories:

Humorous/ Romantic Comedy
Time Travel
Romantic Suspense
Romantic Element in a Mystery

A sweet contemporary romantic comedy

However, there are a great many subgenres, such as combining a sweet with a time travel going back in time, which could also make it historical. Or, you might see a paranormal featuring vampires, taking place centuries ago, making it historical as well. Or, you could have a humorous paranormal vampire book. Then, there are all sorts of contemporary romances, ranging from sweet to spicy to erotic, some combining humor, some combining inspirational messages, some containing mysteries.

It's a confusing, yet exciting time for those who love to read or write romances.

I used to enjoy historicals, but for some reason that phase passed. My favorites these days are contemporary sweet romantic comedies, which I also enjoy writing. I also like reading cozy mysteries with a bit of romance thrown in, but so far I haven't written one myself.

What about you? How do you like your romance?

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  1. My tastes used to lean toward historical romance, too, but these days I prefer spicy, but not erotic, contemporary romance. I'll take a little suspense thrown in too. I'll read vampire paranormals, but steer clear of werewolves, zombies, angels, shapeshifters, etc. Although, many times the stories overlap so I have to put up with a werewolf in my vampire story. *sigh*
    I love cozies, and my favorite ones are the ones with romance in them.

  2. I've been reading lots of YA because of work, and tire of them on occasion. I too used to love historicals, but lean toward a sci-fi - any era, romance/thriller/mystery. And to Deb's comment, I prefer werewolves over vamps! :) Good thing there are so many wonderful choices.

    1. I do so love that everyone has a choice no matter what their preference. And if we all liked/wrote the same boring would THAT be?! :)

  3. Forgot to mention - cute picture!!