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Book Beat Babes

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Minute to Win It! by DL Larson

I'm helping with a high school class reunion this year. It's scheduled for mid-June and I'm in charge of our class olympics.  It's been fun and a challenge to come up with games that all middle-aged people can play. My goal is to not leave anyone out.

This may not sound like writing, but it has turned into quite a writing project. I've selected a few games off of Pinterest, and the rest, I've thought up on my own. I have fifteen minute to win it games.

I made a template, so each game will have instructions, object of the game, supplies and the number of people needed to perform the task. Next, I will collect all the materials needed for three teams to play and assemble them for each round of games.

I have games with water, if it is hot. I have games without water, if it is cold. I have food games, I have ball games. I have games where the players will be wearing ridiculous objects or performing silly stunts. And I made sure all the games are G rated. I have no way of knowing who will be in attendance and I certainly don't want to offend someone because of a game.

I've made notes for our MC and instructions for our Team officials.

This may not have been beneficial to my writing career, but it's been a fun diversion from the regular routine of writing. It was writing for a different reason, for a different outcome and I believe I used another part of my brain that likes dreaming up stuff to make people laugh.

So if you are having a family reunion, or a get-together with friends this summer, I urge you to play a game or two. Exercise your writing talent and your imagination in a different direction. Make up a game of your own.

Need something to get you started?

- Hot Air Solo Cup Relay - 2 people needed.
Supplies for each team: several balloons, several large solo cups, bucket (table if possible)
Object: how many solo cups can each team get into the bucket (in one minute.)
Instructions: One player must blow up a balloon inside the solo cup without touching the cup. Once they can lift the cup using only the balloon, they then transfer cup and balloon to their teammate, who can not touch the cup either! The teammate carries the balloon and cup, touching only the balloon to the bucket (at the end of the table or other designated area.)
Once the player has reached the bucket, the player releases the air in the balloon until the cup falls into the bucket. If the cup does not fall into the bucket, it does not count in scoring. Players may use the same balloon or a new one in the time allowed.

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  1. Sometimes stretching your writing muscles can lead to surprising results when you get back to your wip. The games sound like a great idea!