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Book Beat Babes

Friday, May 22, 2015

So Many Choices!

So, I’m looking at a couple of options for self-publishing going forward.  I really do not like to do all the formatting myself, deploy my work to all the platforms out there, and I don’t want to have to directly hire someone – or many "someones" – to do the work for me.  So, I’m reviewing a number of one-stop sites for my publishing needs so I can be more focused on my writing.

One site that really, really caught my eye is the Self-Pub Startup GateKeeper Press and their website is very compelling:

A recent article in Publishers Weekly boasted that authors earn 100% royalty and of course that’s because authors pay for the service up front:

I like the idea of having the choices they offer so if there is actually a part of the book production process that I want to do, such as pick my own cover – because there are sites that do support this in a very cost effective way – or, choose my own editor, then the package structure that GateKeeper Press offers is fairly reasonable and flexible.  At least, that’s the impression I have from the research I’ve done so far.  I haven’t actually signed up for any of their services yet.

BTW – here’s a link to one of the book cover sites that I found:

But now there is another intriguing option:

Vook isn’t new but they’ve done a recent retooling of sorts that make them an attractive option as well but I need to know more.  As the article indicates, Vook recently acquired both Byliner and Booklr which combines some powerful tools and opportunities for authors.  The new platform is called Pronoun and according to the article and the CEO of Pronoun, “…the global self-publishing market is a $100 billion…” business.  That’s b for billion – BUT I have to wonder how that breaks down in terms of how much of that money actually makes it into the hands, or bank accounts, of the author producing the work.

It just might be intriguing to publish different works with the different platforms just to see how they compare.  I guess I’d better get busy writing.


  1. The book covers seem reasonably priced, and easy to customize.

  2. Wonderful info, Terri - thanks!