Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hailey's Chance is Almost Ready!

Yesterday, I finally typed the magic words, "The End," on my Hailey's Chance: Will Baby Make 3 manuscript.

I had been editing right along, but still, I'm going to be more stringent now when looking for problem parts to change.

Anyway, this book, which I'd originally hoped to get ready by Easter, is looking toward an August release. It turned out to be longer than originally intended. Also, a bit of research was involved.

I'm getting there!

Hailey's Chance is about making the best of what life hands you and rising above it. Here's the blurb from the front of the book:

Bursting with anticipation, Hailey awaits the arrival of her first child. Then, one morning, the unthinkable happens, turning her joy to grief.

 When her neighbor offers a startling suggestion, Hailey’s torn. Should she take a chance? The offer is tempting, yet if something goes wrong, she’ll be wide open for more heartbreak.

 This standalone novella is a prequel to Christmas Carol. Both are set in the fictional small town of Deerview, Wisconsin.
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  1. Sounds great! Good luck with the final stretch!

  2. I was so, so lucky to do a beta read on this book! It's wonderful...can't wait until it's official release. :)