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Book Beat Babes

Sunday, August 2, 2015

That Crazy Muse

All summer I've been working on a story that came to me by surprise one day. I immediately set to work on it, gotta go with the flow when it strikes, right?, but it's been really, really slow going. The story is dragging and meandering and I haven't been motivated to work on it in a while. The beginning is good. I THINK I know where it's heading...but I have no idea how to get there. For this project, my muse has deserted me.

So, I decided I should work on another installment for my Holidays at The Corral series. With the Christmas story releasing this year, it would be nice to have another offering for next. However, holiday stories need to be submitted according to a specific schedule, which makes sense for releasing these time-of-year specific stories. After looking at the schedule, the only deadline within my reach at this point in the somewhat short-term is summer, which would be perfect for my Fourth of July story. I have a page or two written already, and I know the premise of the book and how it will end. Seemed like a no brainer that this should be the story to work on.

So what does my crazy muse do to me as I was laying in bed the other morning at six a.m.? (Which I will tell you right now is way, way too early for me to be up during summer vacation.) Just like that, the first line for a story popped into my head. Out of no where. Followed quickly by another paragraph, then another...until finally I had to grab the little notebook I keep next to my bed for just these occasions and start scribbling away.

The end result by just after dinner that night? The entire first chapter of a new story. Not the Fourth of July one, but of all things...the Valentine's Day one. But, like I said, when the muse is whispering and the ideas are go with it.

Of course I am months past the deadline for this holiday, which means that unless I can finish it super fast AND do some fast-talking with my editor, more than likely this story won't see the light of day until Valentine's Day 2017. Which just seems so, so far away at this point.

But who knows, maybe just writing this one will get ideas flowing and get me in a writing groove to write other things too. If I finish and submit the Independence Day story by the December deadline, that can be my 2016 holiday release, and the Valentine one will be all ready to submit in May for 2017. It never hurts to get ahead of the game, right?

Gotta go, my crazy muse is nudging me again. :)

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  1. Be ready and happy whenever your muse strikes! Mine doesn't come around too often, and, yes, usually when I'm unprepared and must scramble to take advantage of it.

  2. Excellent-when the muse strikes we must obey.