Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween ~

It's a drizzly rain here today. Looks like the fog might set in too. We plan to celebrate anyway with mummy hotdogs, soup and then go trick or treating in the neighborhood.

If it's too rainy, we plan to trick or treat inside. My son has a plan. We adults will stand behind closed (inside) doors and the kids can come knock on various doors and we'll hand out candy!! They're two and three, so it should be fun no matter what.

No matter the weather, have a fun-gigglefest of a Halloween!
I learned long ago not to fret too much over the candy consumed. It's a sugar high alright, but runs through their little bodies pretty darn fast! I made need a few extra pieces just to keep up!

Happy Haunting ~

DL Larson

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  1. DL,

    The weather really is crummy here today for trick-or-treating. It sounds like you have a great back up plan. I agree...the kids will have fun no matter what!

  2. Lots of trick or treaters, even though it was rainy. I think the warmness helped them forget the rain.

    Morgan Mandel