Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Fire Within by Margot Justes

Art is her world…
Gallery owner Rebecca Standish’s life has finally returned to the calm and orderly existence that she prefers… until a charred body threatens her hard earned sense of well-being once again.

Protecting is his M-O…
Chicago Firefighter Kirk Adams has made plenty of mistakes, but he regrets losing Rebecca most. When he learns her life is in danger, he’ll do anything to protect her—including facing the fires of a woman scorned head-on.

Flames of revenge burn hottest…
After the victim’s identity is revealed, Rebecca is under attack. Kirk has little time to discover the identity of the murderer before he strikes again. And the love of his life is the next victim.

Can Kirk defend Rebecca from a killer bent on fiery revenge?

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  1. Sounds electrifying Is it already out? Great cover!

  2. Awesome cover! It really grabs your attention. Great blurb, too, it made me want to read a job well done.