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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chasing the Trends by Margot Justes

When I first started writing, I was told by everyone not to chase the current ‘genre du jour’, because by the time the story was written, there was a new flavor in town.

That made sense then, because by the time the story was sold, the editing process finished, and the time it took the publisher to get the book out, there was indeed a new favorite genre.

Does that still apply today? We have e-books, they are fast and easy to get out. We have print on demand that makes it easier and far more cost effective to publish. From the technical aspect it has become easier to reach the readers via e-books. I don’t have the background, nor the inclination to format my own books, so I use a formatter.  

Just to reinforce the editing process, it must be done professionally-no matter how good you think you are-you need a good editor. There should be no exception to the rule.

All my books have been professionally edited, sometimes more than once. With my latest release A Fire Within, I found someone that I will go back to, because she did an outstanding job. Finding a good editor through research and recommendations is a good start.

I’m an indie author, and let’s face it, being an unknown and indie is not the best combination to move ahead and develop a fast readership. It is a painstaking slow process, but it is one I have chosen to go with.

I’m not a fast writer, and that would certainly not allow me to chase the current genre. There is also the fact, that I don’t understand some of the hot trends, and the learning curve would take too long. And I love what I write. I’m happy in my ‘writing’ world. And hopefully new readers will find me, and like what I have to say, they will like my family of characters and will want more.

The publishing world has changed drastically, it is practically a revolution, and it is easier to get the books out faster, and if you happen to write quickly, and are familiar with the latest trends, maybe the old adage, ‘write what you know’ no longer applies.

You can chase the trends and be a part of them. In that respect it is easier for the indie author to do so, because traditional publishing still seems to be stuck in the same old world process.

On that note, I’m happy to report that A Hotel in Bath was nominated for the In'Dtale Magazine "RONE" Award.

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  1. I don't see any sense in writing if you don't enjoy what you're writing. For me, it would be impossible to get into the story. If I'm not into my own story, I can't expect my readers to be either.

  2. Morgan, I agree I'm sticking with what I love and know.