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Book Beat Babes

Friday, April 11, 2014

In the Trenches of Self-Publishing

So by now you’ve probably figured out that I like Publishers Weekly as a source of information related to writing in general; however, I becoming more and more intrigued with this publication – specifically the website – as I continue to look at the experiences of authors who self-publish.

I do miss my magazine subscription but after wading through stacks of back copies I decided online was better but I haven’t yet figured into my budget the cost of the online subscription which can run up to a whopping $209 per year for just the digital.  Still, there’s lots of information available online without the subscription and I recently stumbled upon a wonderful interview aptly titled, In the Trenches:  PW Talks with Karyn Rashoff.

Now it’s not so much about the author or even the actual book that she penned and self-published, but it’s her answer to some questions in the interview that I found most intriguing, and I think any writer/author would be intrigued as well regardless of genre or fiction vs. non-fiction work.  So, here’s the link to the article:

Pay close attention to how she answers the question about why she chose to self-publish and her thoughts on traditional publishing.  I think her answer will resonate with many of us who’ve slugged along for years trying to publish the “traditional” way and after suffering through rejection after rejection finally embraced a more independent process for our work and publication.

Now we all know that all the paths to publication have pitfalls and traps, or as I like to say, “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly,” but at least now we have more options in which path and, therefore which journey, we wish to embrace.

Take a moment and read the article.  Yes, the author has published a non-fiction title but even fiction writers will find a kindred spirit in this author and I believe will resonate with her journey.


  1. Great article. She mentions the time element, and that's one of my main reasons to go the self-publishing route.

  2. I agree Morgan, time is precious and the traditional ways can be slow. Thanks for sharing this bit of info, Terri.