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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Mysterious Mona Lisa by Margot Justes Redux

I first published this blog in 2012, because the research continues to this day. Scholars want to know who she was, and  discover anything new about the masterpiece.

In my paranormal release Blood Art, Mona Lisa is a demon. Even now centuries later the mystery surrounds her. Because of the never ending search for something new, she was the perfect choice for a demon who survived centuries, and haunted my hero.

The Prado Museum conservators  have solved another Mona Lisa mystery. Or have they?
It seems that for many hundreds of years the museum held in storage what was long believed to be a replica of the Mona Lisa.

As you might have guessed, it isn't just a copy. Using infrared technology they found that the portrait was painted in Leonardo's studio and most likely was painted by one of his students while Leonardo was painting the original Mona Lisa.

The painting at the Prado in Madrid, did not have the flourishing Tuscan landscape that the original portrait had, the background instead was coated in black varnish.

Using infrared reflectography, a system by which they can see underneath to the changes the artist makes before the final finish, known as under-drawings. The same landscapes were found as in the original painting.

It is believed that artists even in Leonardo's time used students, who helped or copied their works of art. We recognize Leonardo's genius now, many centuries later, but in his day, he was one at one point one of those 'starving artists' trying to survive and put food on the table. I guess times have not changed that much, the same can be said in this day and age.

I wonder who are the true masters of today. Centuries later, when we're long gone volumes will be written about their magnificent talent and far reaching foresight. Who will make the cut? Are there contemporary true masters who will survive and thrive through the ages?

On a happy note, A Hotel in Bath is a finalist for the RONE award. 

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  1. Interesting blog, Margot! And congrats on the contest - keep us posted!!

  2. Congratulations on A Hotel in Bath being a finalist for the RONE award, Margot!