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Book Beat Babes

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Getting Hooked on a Series

Some authors have success by writing their books in a series. In a way, it seems hard, thinking up new plots for recurring characters in each book, but there are also advantages. The more you write about a character or place, the more you come to know, and the more nuances you can reveal to the readers.

Lately, I've gotten hooked watching such TV series as The Listener, Blue Bloods, Judging Judy, and Bones. By watching them in order, I can catch all the fine points, jokes, and references I might otherwise have missed by seeing them randomly.

I have dabbled into series writing, and hope to do more. I've heard the more books in a series, the more chances a reader can get hooked and want to read them all in order, like I've been doing watching my favorite TV shows.

When I wrote Her Handyman, I had no idea I'd follow up with A Perfect Angel, but I felt sorry for one of the characters and had to make life better for her. So, that ended up being a two book series, but might turn into more, after I finish a few other books first.

I'd like to complete Easter Basket, which would be the second in a holiday series. First was Christmas Carol. Both feature inhabitants of the fictional town, Deerview, Wisconsin.

I'm not sure which holiday might come next, as I still have a few other books to finish.

What about you? Are you hooked on a particular TV series or book series? Or, have you written a book series?

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  1. I love series: reading, writing, watching.

    I've written one series, including a novella spin-off, and I'm dabbling with ideas for a second.

    On tv, we watch "The Americans", "SHIELD", and "Agent Carter". Our all time favorite guilty pleasure series was "True Blood".

  2. I write mostly series. I love the whole generational aspect of it. As for TV, I like Castle, Bones, Riozolli & Isles - funny all have a writer in them! And Deb, True Blood was a favorite of ours too. I'm also hooked on British series - Reign, Marco Polo, and Call the Midwife. I watch them on Netflix.