Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Take Out Those Hard Drives

Well, I didn't spend much time writing today. That's because on Saturday there's an electronic recycling event happening in our area.

Every time I get a new computer, I make sure to transfer the important files to the new computer. Still, I'd been hanging on to the old laptop computers, though they were useless in many ways. Two had Windows 98 still, another had Windows XP and was prone to stalling. None had enough memory. The hubby also had a Windows XP that needed recycling.

So, today was the day to get those laptop computers ready to be recycled, not an easy task. For each of the four computers, I had to locate the hard drive and remove it. Amazing how the hard drive turns up to be in so many different places!

Early on, I decided to Google and find out where to look. That helped quite a bit, although at times it was still hard to find the right video to show me what to do. Then I had to tackle all those little screws in all the weird spots.

Still, it was important to remove those hard drives, and I did it! Next step will be hitting them with a hammer or maybe dunking them in water, or both, so no one can retrieve sensitive information off of them. At least the hard drives are small, so I don't expect that chore to be as difficult as removing all those little screws.

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