Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Inbetween Land

Right now, I'm in inbetween land. That's the place where I've finished writing one book, and am not sure which to go to next.

I have two likely candidates already begun, and keep shifting between the two. One has the working title of Wide Awake, the other is Always Young. Both are thrillers, though Always Young has more Speculative Fiction aspects as well.

Now that I'm home from vacation and after I've gotten caught up with mail, laundry, bills,, etc., I'm hoping to get some time to devote to making one of these books the next release.

Until then, I'm grateful I was able to recently release Hailey's Chance: Will Baby Make 3, the prequel to my previously released Christmas Carol romance. Hard to believe that Christmas is already around the corner, and I think I'm busy now!

Time to relax for the night.

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  1. Always feels weird when one project is done and you have yet to commit to another. Give yourself time to adjust - your creative mind will kick in soon and then - watch out!

  2. You'll pick the next project, once things settle down a bit more.