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Book Beat Babes

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Kind of Job Does Your Hero or Heroine Have?

Painting a picture of a hero or heroine very often involves deciding on a job or a good reason why that person doesn't have one. Here are a few examples from my own books:

1. A famous occupation - This is one of my favorites. Right away, the reader can guess the hero must be a cut above the average Joe. 
In Two Wrongs, my first book, the hero is in college, but is so great at basketball he turns pro. By the way, this book is still free at

2. An occupation involving education - In Killer Career, my heroine is a successful attorney who wants out. 

3. Dream job - Another example from Killer Career. When my heroine decides to give up her law practice to follow her dream of being a writer, her decision could kill her. 

4. A job requiring practical know how - The hero in Her Handyman, is a Jack of All Trades, and generous with his time and talents. 

Now it's your turn. What job does your hero or heroine have?  Or, maybe you'd like to mention a favorite one from someone else's book.

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