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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Grabbing Time To Write! by DL Larson

In the last five years, my goals have shifted. I still write, I still pursue my writing career, and if I can scratch enough time together, I may even get a book published this year. But my life is busier than ever. Here are a few reasons why my goals have changed ...

My grandkids!!!
We're at an apple orchard in the above picture. We spent the day playing in a corn crib, on a bouncy trampoline, racing through a straw fort, and we enjoyed yummy apple donuts and cider. I came home exhausted, but had renewed energy to write the next day. Their energy depleted mine, or so I thought. Yet the next day I was eager to be at the computer to work on my WIP. I don't ever want to be remembered as the grandma who didn't have time for her grandkids. My goal to write on my day off is not set in stone anymore.

Our entire family spent the day at Brookfield Zoo, after Christmas. Cold and beautiful. We had never visited the zoo in the winter. What an exhilarating experience. Our four little wild ones kept us moving and seeing more, more and still more.

These two pictures are of my older grandkids! They are tall, beautiful, young women now. They are extremely athletic and play sports year 'round. Sometimes more than one sport in a season. I've learned that bleachers feel pretty much the same whatever sport I'm watching. I try to make as many games as I can. And that's saying something when there are a couple games each week.

I always thought when I got older, I'd have more time to write. I'd have more time to market my books. I thought I would ... I thought I would ... but I've learned in the most beautiful way, that families tend to grow. Growth is a beautiful thing, a busy thing, an exhausting thing. And there is no such animal called spare time. I have no spare time. I actually never did. But I have learned over time, I must grab the time and make it my own if I want to write.

So this is my extent of writing for today. I'm off to pick up my father and take him to a basketball game where my granddaughters are playing. We'll sit on bleachers and cheer on our team. I had hoped to get the last of my editing done today, but that didn't happen.

I'm determined to grab a few hours to write tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

'Til next time ~

DL Larson


Monday, December 5, 2016

For Dog Lovers - Our Fur Babies is Now Available

If you like dogs, you'll most likely relate to my first non-fiction ebook, OUR FUR BABIES 

Available at Amazon, this book relates the experiences my husband and I have shared through adopting our beloved dogs. Complete with pictures, OUR FUR BABIES introduces the reader to each dog my husband and I've loved through our married years, starting with Sadie, the first, next Missy, on to Morgan (from whom I got my pen name), then Rascal, and lastly, our present fur baby, Buster.

The cover picture, from long ago, features our first fur baby, Sadie. We look much younger there, than later, as the book progresses.

You may laugh or shed a tear or two reading this book, or perhaps you'll be inspired to adopt a dog of your own, if you haven't already done so. 

And, if you go for fiction, I also have a few other books, in which dogs play a prominent role. Check out FOR THE LOVE OF DOG, about an officer who takes drastic steps to keep his K9 companion. 

Another one you might like is the romance, HER HANDYMAN, about how a crazy canine's antics bring a handyman and popular artist together in an unlikely way.

Morgan Mandel

Friday, November 11, 2016

Search Engines

As humans we tend to fall into the trap of whatever is easiest for us to do as well as what is most familiar, and that includes technology.  But as with all traps, especially those that invoke complacency, there is a price to pay. In the case of search engines it could be skewed results that create certain biases or direct you towards sponsored stories and advertisements with information skewed towards enticing you to buy a certain product or to not believe someone or something is as bad as it really might be.

Writers need to take heed when using search engines, especially if they only use one and never vary the way they structure the search terms they use.  Remember, many of the creators of these search engines and social media platforms have a profit motive.

So, what is a writer to do?

Well, I found an interesting article from earlier this year that provides a list of alternative search engines to the more famous and mostly commonly used search engine, the name of which is now a verb in the English language.  Nothing wrong with using that search engine but as with all things in life, knowledge is power and when you understand who the wizard behind the curtain really is then you can make more informed choices.

Here’s the link to the article:

Try using the same search term in multiple search engines and compare the results.  The results will most likely surprise you.

Additionally, check out this Wikipedia page for an informative look at the variety of search engines that have come and gone over the past two plus decades.  Yes, decades.

Friday, October 7, 2016

e-Book Roundup & Revolution

Some interesting developments in the world of e-Books:

- Technavio research predicts that there will be approximately a 14% increase in e-book readership by 2020.  In fact, their Global perspective report predicts the following:

“Technavio’s market research analyst predicts that the global publishing market will surpass USD 357 billion over the predicted period. Much of the market’s growth is due to the surging popularity of digital publishing as it is relatively cost-effective for authors to get their books published and very convenient for the readers to read and carry around. Such advantages have propelled the adoption rate of e-books, where the readers are increasingly contributing to the market’s revenue through monthly and annual subscriptions. With the increased penetration of the Internet, readers want to read digital books more than printed books. Digital content is the future of book publishing with its explosion on devices like KindleReader, and iPhone, resulting in the overall growth of the market in the coming years.”

For more information on this 98-page report go toSome interesting developments in the world of e-Book readers:

For more information on this 98-page report go to:

Here’s more info on Publishers Weekly’s take on the e-book revolution:

-          Kensington’s Lyrical Press is adding two new categories for digital first submissions – Caress (Contemporary Romance) and Liaison (Romantic Suspense):

For more information on Kensington’s Lyrical Press submissions in general use this link:

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Looking forward to Oswego Literary Festival! by DL Larson

                        Looking for something to do this Saturday? Stop by the Oswego Public Library.
                                              32 West Jefferson Street, Oswego, IL 60543
                          Their annual Literary Festival takes place rain or shine, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

                  Oswego Lit Fest

         Local authors will be in attendance. Bring your checkbook, your credit card or cash!
                            Support your local author by writing a review on

Hope to see you there!

DL Larson

twitter: @DL_storyteller

Friday, September 23, 2016


I know it's been awhile since I've posted and to say life has gotten in the way would be an understatement.

Settling the estate of a friend with properties in two countries on top of work and my own writing has been keeping me very, very busy, with little time to spare.

I also recently traveled thousands of miles to show my daughter where I grew up and went to school.  I hadn't been "home" in decades. Most of my family is either deceased or has moved to other states, and that happened some time ago, so going to my childhood home with my daughter didn't have the same urgency while she was growing up.  This trip was the result of hitting a critical birthday year and I just needed to walk down memory lane to understand certain demons that I only subconsciously admitted that I had taken with me when I left, and there is definitely a story brewing in my head about what all that means.

This trip put many things in perspective for me and one of those things is my writing.  I haven't published in a while but I have been writing and developing a game plan for publishing what I've been working on all these years.  I'm actually rather excited about the prospects.

I'm also keeping notes about the process I'm going through in my upcoming publishing pursuits and I've realized a few things as a result to include that there are many aspects if writing and publishing that haven't changed even though the paths to publishing, especially with the influence of technology, have changed.

Some of the aspects of writing and publishing that don't seem to have changed much include:

- write what you know and love
- writing is hard work
- some writers will find great financial success but most do not
- writing is often as much a business as anything else
- being discovered is still a challenge
- networking is still critical

The difficulty of being discovered as a new writer given all the social media available is somewhat surprising on the surface but then when millions and millions of posts flood the internet it's like trying to stand out like a drop of water in the ocean.

As a parting note I thought I'd share the article below:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Follow-up on my Tweeting Experience! by DL Larson

In my last blog I shared my attempts at tweeting for the first time. I posted five tweets, then later added one more: One reporter. One warrior priest. One werewolf. And one thief. A deadly dragon, a missing baby and Savagers eat their prey.

I received 2 hearts, meaning two publishers were interested enough to ask for a query. I received three other hearts in my other pitches. Overall, I was delighted to have gotten some attention. Now, the work begins. 

I researched the various publishing houses. They all seemed legitimate and I felt my book could possibly fit within their interests. Most want the basic query and bio sent to them. A few want a synopsis and the first ten pages, others prefer the entire manuscript. 

I will continue to research these publishing houses, and I will most likely send out a few queries. In the meantime, I have sent a query to a literary agent I have researched. I remarked that during the pitch fest, I drew interest from several publishers. I didn't name names, but I conveyed I have gained attention on my first pitch madness experience.

Where will this get me? 

I have no idea! But I'm learning as I go. Keeping up with social media is a full time job, and I wonder how writers find the time to write when so much is demanded of them elsewhere. Another thing that makes me smile ... I have a few followers on Twitter! They obviously know how twitter works better than I do. I believe it's another venue to gain followers on their site. It's a numbers game and I'm sadly behind, but at least I'm in the game.

'Til next time ~

DL Larson