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Book Beat Babes

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Grabbing Time To Write! by DL Larson

In the last five years, my goals have shifted. I still write, I still pursue my writing career, and if I can scratch enough time together, I may even get a book published this year. But my life is busier than ever. Here are a few reasons why my goals have changed ...

My grandkids!!!
We're at an apple orchard in the above picture. We spent the day playing in a corn crib, on a bouncy trampoline, racing through a straw fort, and we enjoyed yummy apple donuts and cider. I came home exhausted, but had renewed energy to write the next day. Their energy depleted mine, or so I thought. Yet the next day I was eager to be at the computer to work on my WIP. I don't ever want to be remembered as the grandma who didn't have time for her grandkids. My goal to write on my day off is not set in stone anymore.

Our entire family spent the day at Brookfield Zoo, after Christmas. Cold and beautiful. We had never visited the zoo in the winter. What an exhilarating experience. Our four little wild ones kept us moving and seeing more, more and still more.

These two pictures are of my older grandkids! They are tall, beautiful, young women now. They are extremely athletic and play sports year 'round. Sometimes more than one sport in a season. I've learned that bleachers feel pretty much the same whatever sport I'm watching. I try to make as many games as I can. And that's saying something when there are a couple games each week.

I always thought when I got older, I'd have more time to write. I'd have more time to market my books. I thought I would ... I thought I would ... but I've learned in the most beautiful way, that families tend to grow. Growth is a beautiful thing, a busy thing, an exhausting thing. And there is no such animal called spare time. I have no spare time. I actually never did. But I have learned over time, I must grab the time and make it my own if I want to write.

So this is my extent of writing for today. I'm off to pick up my father and take him to a basketball game where my granddaughters are playing. We'll sit on bleachers and cheer on our team. I had hoped to get the last of my editing done today, but that didn't happen.

I'm determined to grab a few hours to write tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

'Til next time ~

DL Larson



  1. The main thing is to enjoy life and be happy at whatever you're doing! If you have time to write and do it, fine. I write at my own speed these days, usually shorter books, because I like to read shorter books. I'm glad if I can get a book released once a year. I still have some unfinished ones on the back burner, but am closing in on finishing my overdue good twin/bad twin thriller.

  2. So glad you are still writing too. I love writing and wish I had more time to pursue publishing. It takes perseverance to keep moving forward. I will never give it up ... just struggle with making enough time to do all I want to do. Thanks for stopping by!