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Book Beat Babes

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Windy City Goes To Springfield! By DL Larson

      Windy City Gals at the 2014 Illinois Library Annual Conference, Author Showcase:
         Sarah Anderson, Sonali Dev, Regina Bryant, DL Larson (me,) and Karen Doornebos!

What a great afternoon I had mingling with RWA Windy City authors. I rarely attend meetings, but I enjoy hearing the latest on our RWA Loop and going to an occasional author showcase like the one I attended today. So glad to meet up with these wonderful ladies!!!

As usual with librarians, only a few had $$ to spend on books directly from the authors in attendance. My advice to libraries everywhere ... if you plan to send more than one librarian to this yearly function, fork over some funds for them to explore and purchase for their library on their own. This is my blatant way of saying, SUPPORT ILLINOIS AUTHORS!  Buy a book!

Many authors have day jobs and re-arrange their schedule in order to attend the author showcase, perhaps pay for a sitter in the process, and have gas in the car to travel. Many of the authors I talked to were from the Chicago area and it took time and effort to be in Springfield for a day!  So please, buy a book!

Many folks collected hand-outs and that's great. I hope acquisitions departments will seriously consider purchasing books from Illinois authors. As a librarian, I know many favor B&T (that's Baker & Taylor for those wondering) when it comes to purchasing books. Some authors may have that connection, others may not. Again, please step out of the routine and buy a book from an Illinois Author!

The day flew by, but I got in line to have a photo with Jesse White, our Secretary of State and State Librarian. He's such a gentleman! We shook hands and he asked me my name and where I was from. I told him I was an author and a librarian and lived in Earlville. "Up by Ottawa?" he asked. I smiled and said, "yes!"  We took the selfie below - sorry it's crooked - that's entirely my fault - I've never taken a picture with my left hand before.  Then a professional took our picture and they will mail a copy to me!!  I shook his hand once more and stepped away, but he said something else that made me smile.  "Rips?" he asked. I turned back, laughing. "Yes, we're close to Rips. That's in Ladd!"  Rips is a famous and wonderful bar and restaurant, home of the best fried chicken in Illinois! We shared another chuckle and the next person stepped up to have their picture taken with Mr. White.

I sold a few books, talked with many great people in the book business and had a delightful ride north as my good friend drove me home! A great Thursday! Thank you, Judy for chauffeuring me today!

Now I must leave for community choir practice, when I'd rather be heading to Ladd. I'm craving some fried chicken!  I wonder if Jesse White is too!

Til next time ~

DL Larson


  1. Wow! It looks like you guys had a blast. I agree with supporting Illinois authors in libraries.
    I miss my Windy City chapter.

  2. Ditto on everything Bonnie said. I always enjoy your blogs, Deb

  3. Glad you enjoyed yourself, DL! And I do like the way Jesse has streamlined lots of stuff. He seems to be doing a good job. I also enjoy the Jesse White Tumblers!

  4. So glad to hear from everyone! The trip was fun and engaging! Windy City is full of wonderful people! F.D. Davis - you are one of the reasons Windy City is so great!!
    Stop back again soon!