Book Beat Babes

Book Beat Babes

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What I've Learned

Despite my good intentions, I've learned I can't get everything done that I thought I could. That said, I'm late posting here today.

Anyway, what I did get done:

Had breakfast, gave Rascal, our dog, hers, and walked her, but not as far as I' would have liked, since she wasn't too thrilled about wet paws from the thawing snow. 

I finished Debra St. John's new romance, One Great Night, and gave it 5 stars, calling it a sweet, yet sexy romance. 

I deleted tons of emails I never read and never will, then answered those that were important.

Ate lunch, fed Rascal again.

I approved members for my two largest Facebook groups, Book Place and Books Gone Viral, and commented on timelines for those who had liked my comments. Also, posted on FB about two free cookbooks. 

I cleaned a pot and other items left from yesterday in the sink. 

Washed and dried the sheets, which is always a project. They're so hard to get back on the queen size bed! Well, at least it's good exercise!

Washed some three large towels, which are now in the dryer. I alternate which ones I use on Rascal's doggie bed.   

Cleaned the room humidifier and got it started again. It still works fine! This project should have already been done, but I'd not gotten around to it before.

In between, I let Rascal out in the fenced yard and back inside a few times, then went to the Dollar Tree store, and did other stuff around the house. 

Now, the day is done. Again, no writing accomplished, except for the review and this. My goal is to finish Always Young in the next few months. I might figure out a cover and post it, because then I'll have to get the book done!

Time for dinner and TV! Hope to have better luck writing tomorrow!

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  1. Life's little chores get in our way - there's always tomorrow!!

  2. Yes, now it's tomorrow and I'll see what I can get done writing!